Joan Fontcuberta / Prosopagnosia Présenté par Artsobrepaper

Joan FONTCUBERTA - Prosopagnosia

Présenté par Artsobrepaper

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Joan FONTCUBERTA - Prosopagnosia

Book leporello (in accordion)
Ed 100ex numbered and signed.
including photography

Prosopagnosia is a memory disorder characterized by the difficulty in recognizing faces when we meet someone, their appearance is very familiar and we have the certainty that we know each other. The study of propopagnosia has been crucial in the development of theories on facial perception and its subsequent application in the design of algorithms for facial recognition, unfortunately so common with today's surveillance and control paranoia. The application of the algorithm designed by Pilar Rosado on the images of the Alonso Bonet archive produces a countless number of intermediate, discarded images that trace the complexity of the training and learning until it culminates in plausible images. As the computer starts learning to produce faces, the memory of art itself is evoked, from Minimalism to Expressionism, from Surrealism to Bacon. But more than Art History, this project challenges the ontology of the image.We are witnessing the institutionalisation of photographs without reference. Computing is gobbling up the cameras and representation is no longer a product of imagination but of calculation. - Joan Fontcuberta

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