Pablo Picasso / Bouquet des fleurs Présenté par Fairhead Fine Art

Pablo PICASSO - Bouquet des fleurs

Présenté par Fairhead Fine Art

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Pablo PICASSO - Bouquet des fleurs

Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

Title: Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet de fleurs
Medium: Original drawing in white, dark green, light green, red, light yellow , dark yellow & blue, signed and dated 14.4.58 by the artist in blue crayon. Dedicated in green and red crayon: “PARA Esther”
Note: This drawing is made on the inside page of the book entitled “The Private World of Pablo Picasso” by David Douglas Duncan, a photographer of note and friend of Picasso’s. The book contains reproductions of many photographs of the artist by the author who states “This book was created by selecting a few hundred photographs from the more than 10,000 taken while I was Picasso’s guest, during he seventy firth year of his life.
The frontispiece of the book is inscribed:
“For aunt Esther: Picasso and I send this to you with our great admiration and love. Dave”
La California, 14 Avril ’58, Cannes - with love Jacqueline
1) Pablo Picasso & Jacqueline Roque
2) David Douglas Duncan
3) 14/4/1958 Esther Watson, 125 Tucerne Circle, Orlando, Florida
4) Gerry Williams of R F D 1, Goffstown, N.H, USA. The son of the above whose daughter consigned the work to:
5) American Auction House
6) Fairhead Fine Art - purchased from the above
Size: 8 x 11” inches
This drawing was sent with love from Picasso his wife Jacqueline and their friend photojournalist David Douglas Duncan to Duncan’s aunt Esther.
Duncan cabled his aunt who had recently been unwell, warning her that a “wonderful surprise” was en route to her in America. Some time later Esther received a copy of Duncan’s photo book “The Private World of Pablo Picasso” dedicated by Jacqueline and Duncan on the title page and with a special drawing from Picasso.
Provenance Documents
1)Three page letter dated May 15 1958 headed : Copy: Original mailed May 15, ’58. This is addressed from Esther Watson to “My good friend Picasso”. “It meant so much to me that the great artist Picasso would take the time to lovingly decorate and autograph a page in Dave’s book just for me; and that in doing so he was sending a thought for my return to health; all this so overwhelmed me that I have no words adequate to express my thanks and gratitude. The flowers that came to me while at the hospital are now only a treasured memory but your bouquet will stay with me to give me pleasure for the remainder of my life.”
2) Postcard - Addressed to Esther Watson, Orlando, Florida
Postmarked Cannes, Date uncertain
Showing recto: Pablo Picasso: “Child with a Dove”
Two franked stamps for 0.25 Centimes
Verso: “Picasso et Jacqueline vous remercient bien sincèrement et vous embrassent” The signature of Picasso in black ink. The rest in blue biro in the hand of Jacqueline. Picasso
3) Telegram dated 15 April 58 to 125 Lucerne Circle, Orlando, Flo
“Wonderful surprise winging - you may save even its wrapper. Hug Mom Love Dave”
4) Telegram dated 25 April 1958 to same address as above: “Another quick trip Moscow tomorrow, hope you cable or write Picasso when gift arrives Love = Dave
5 & 6) Two letters from the consignors father to Esther (her Grand mother) regarding the consignors birth.
7) Family photographs of the consignor and sister, her father and Esther (her grandmother
8) E-mail from Grogan & Co stating the provenance of the drawing.
Authentification: We have a certificate of authenticity from Mr Claude Ruiz Picasso, the artists son, dated 3rd September 2020. This is universally accepted as a proof of authenticity.
Note on Framing: The work has been professionally framed in a Cassette style frame showing just the drawing which remains attached to the book which is concealed below the mount.

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