L.s. Lowry / Punch and Judy Présenté par Goldmark Gallery

L.s. LOWRY - Punch and Judy

Présenté par Goldmark Gallery

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    39,0 x 76,0 cm / 15.4 x 29.9 in
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    39,0 x 76,0 cm / 15.4 x 29.9 in
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    Sur demande
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    The School Prints
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L.s. LOWRY - Punch and Judy

We have just discovered a small number of the most sought-after of the 1940s School Prints, Punch and Judy by LS Lowry. We have come across very few over the years and never before in mint condition. These are immaculate.

Punch and Judy is typical of his work, showing ordinary people going about their lives, symbols of 'la danse de vie'. He said of his use of colour, 'I am a simple man and I use simple materials: ivory, black, vermillion, prussian blue, yellow ochre, flake white - and no medium.' His proved to be a very popular print. (1979, Julian Spalding, Lowry, Phaidon.)

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