Andre Brasilier / Promenade d'Automne Présenté par Denis Bloch Fine Art

Andre BRASILIER - Promenade d'Automne

Présenté par Denis Bloch Fine Art

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Andre BRASILIER - Promenade d'Automne

Andre Brasilier, Promenade d’Automne 1980 is an original colored lithograph. This print is signed on the bottom right corner of the piece and numbered on the lower left margin.

Although Brasilier bases his painting on reality, but he does not consider himself a realistic painter. Brasilier has a very personal way of being non-figurative within figuration. Indeed, he strives to make the invisible visible again, opening the viewers’ eyes upon the non-obvious, in a relentless quest for intimate and cohesive humanism.

The figures in Andre Brasilier, Promenade d’Automne are simplified so that the color becomes the carrier of emotion, movement, expression and dominance. Brasilier transports us easily into surreal landscapes, which lighten the soul with dreamy infusions of figures set in the simplicity of colors, shape, and form. In an intimate communion with nature, he draws his inspiration from its language, sounds, and colors, thus revealing the natural beauty of our surroundings

Andre Brasilier, Promenade d’Automne’s central point are the horses because of their harmony with nature. The horse starts giving a sense of scale, by providing interesting dialogues with the proportions of the sea and sky. Brasilier loves life and for him the horses become important vivid symbols of delight, with their forms.

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