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Redhouse Originals Gallery

15 Cheltenham Mount, Hg1 1Dw Harrogate - United Kingdom

RedHouse Originals Gallery offers original artwork and limited edition prints by a host of international artists.

We work with established and emerging artists to bring you the finest in Modern and Contemporary Art.

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    Redhouse Originals Gallery
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    David Mctague
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    15 Cheltenham Mount, Hg1 1Dw Harrogate
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    United Kingdom
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RedHouse Originals Gallery is excited to announce the launch of its first online exhibition In Colours.

This group exhibition features work by some of the world’s most sought after contemporary artists including Harland Miller (UK), Jonas Wood (US) and Nicolas Party (Switzerland) alongside such luminaries as David Hockney, Bridget Riley and Peter Blake.

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This extensive collection of 70 paintings and prints by 24 artists, celebrates and explores the relationship between colour and monochrome across a diverse range of media. Vivid swathes of vibrant rainbow hues in oil, acrylic and silkscreen ink are contrasted and complimented by tonal works, dry point etching, charcoal and photographic works.

All works have been extensively photographed to enhance the viewing experience. This include high-resolution fine detail shots and framed images to bring the gallery into the home.

Click here for the full exhibition pricelist and current availability.

Francis Bacon said “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”; a statement typified by Harland Miller’s recent ‘In Shadows I Boogie’; a dynamic, multi-layered large format etching with relief printing, its bold use of colour contrasting with Miller’s typically subversive slogan.

“Colouring does not depend on where the colours are put, but on where the lights and darks are put, and all depends on form and outline, on where that is put.”
William Blake

All works are highlights and the artworks featured will rotate and evolve over the coming weeks;

David Hockney’s vivid iPad drawing ‘Oranges’ sits alongside his black and white rendering ‘Sunflowers I’ etching from 1998. Further works explore space, perspective and the senses, acknowledging one of his greatest influences Pablo Picasso: "I was always struck by how he had no interest in music… he was tone deaf. But then he had this incredible grasp of tone in drawing, of chiaroscuro. He may not have been able to hear them, but he could see more tones than almost anyone who has lived." (In conversation with Tim Adams, Guardian 2009)

Dan Baldwin’s recent series ‘Delirium’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘Infatuation’ are featured, the artist’s homage to Andy Warhol ‘Flowers’: “It’s a subtle nod to the master as he was one of the first artists that inspired me at art school in the early 1990s”.

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For further details please contact the gallery via email or call us directly on +44 (0)1423 884400.
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